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Summer 7-15-2021


This dissertation investigates the period of adolescence as another important window for human capital development. The first chapter provides the introduction of my three research papers, highlighting the research motivation, goals, and contributions. The final chapter summarizes the conclusions and discusses the future research trajectory. The first paper examines the long-term health and socioeconomic implications of exposure to natural disasters during adolescence and childhood. In the second paper, I survey the current awareness of Human Papillomavirus (HPV) and HPV vaccine in Nepal and test the different indicators for HPV vaccination, precisely the mother’s intention to vaccinate their adolescent girls against HPV. In the third paper, I develop a dynamic optimal control model by adapting an epidemiological model to find the optimal vaccination rate and screening rate to minimize the cost of vaccination, screening, and cervical cancer treatment in developing countries.

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Department of Economics

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Kira Villa; Alok Bohara

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Xiaoxue Li

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Andrew Rowland




Children and Adolescent Well-being; Natural Disasters; HPV and Cervical Cancer Prevention; Developing Countries

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