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Summer 7-15-2019


This dissertation provides evidence to the two contentious debate over health policies and laws in the US, Medicaid expansion and sex offender registration and notification. In Chapter 2, I explore one key determinant of Medicaid take-up, the benefit of access to care proxied by the Medicaid-to-Medicare primary care physician payment ratio. Using a unique dataset of Medicaid physician reimbursement rates and the American Community Survey of 2010 – 14, I find that a 10-percentage-point increase in the payment ratio of a 30-minute new patient office visit will increase Medicaid enrollment among uninsured adults in poverty by more than 150,000. In Chapter 3, we re-examine the impact of Medicaid on birth outcomes. To mitigate the crowd-out from private insurance to Medicaid, we focus on the population eligible for Medicaid during its implementation period. Using predicted individual-level Medicaid treatment intensity among childbearing age women and state-level variation from Medicaid roll-out, we find that Medicaid provision shifted the labor delivery method from not in a hospital (with a midwife or a physician) to in a hospital and increased birth weight modestly. These impacts were driven by nonwhite mothers and mothers aged 30 – 49. Chapter 4 evaluates sex offenders’ crime-risk. Using the single-family residential property data of 2008 – 2018 and sex offender data of April 2019 in Maryland, we apply the spatial difference-in-difference method to estimate the crime risk capitalized into housing markets. The results suggest no negative impact on proximate home values within the 0.1-mile of sex offenders’ residences after their arrivals.

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Department of Economics

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Xiaoxue Li, Co-chairperson

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Sarah S. Stith

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Nicholas Edwardson




Medicaid, Access to care, Reimbursement rate, Birth outcomes, Sex offender laws, Property value

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