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In recent years, a wave of technological innovations have turned many of the gadgets we use into smart devices. However, some areas of industry remain somewhat isolated from modernization with little to no improvements in their overall functionality. Traffic lights at an intersection are a perfect example of a technology that has remained behind the times. While there is a lot of potential for reducing CO2 gas emissions, oil consumption, and commuting times, research in this area has resulted in minor changes. In this thesis, we improve on what others have learned to provide a solution in vehicle coordination that is smart, practical and innovative. We leverage the power of Vehicle Ad-hoc Networks (VANETs) to develop a Vehicle Traffic Dashboard Light System that can gather real- time traffic information to effectively coordinate vehicles crossing a 4-way intersection. In detail, we developed a Lazy Algorithm that focuses on reducing vehicular average waiting times, maximizing intersection throughput and minimizes the number of vehicles that need to make unnecessary stops. We then compare the Lazy Algorithm to two other algorithms by conducting various simulations. Furthermore, we study the impact on the average waiting time vehicles experience while crossing two consecutive intersections equipped with a Vehicle Traffic Dashboard Light System. The results from our many vi simulations are promising and indicate that such an algorithm could potentially be used for coordinating human-driven vehicles. Under heavy traffic conditions, we have seen a reduction of up to 69.7% in average waiting time in comparison to the tradition Pre-Time traffic light algorithm and 89% in comparison to the FIFO Algorithm. With such results, we feel that the VDTL Systems bring us closer to the era of vehicle automation.'


Vehicle Dashboard Traffic Light System, Intersection, Traffic Light, 4-way Intersection, Lazy Algorithm

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Computer Engineering

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Electrical and Computer Engineering

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