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Summer 2023


In pulsed power devices, an insulator is needed to isolate the transmission line from vacuum chambers. Vacuum is used as the insulator because it contains no atoms. Since it is being used as an insulator in these pulsed power insulation systems, surface flashover in vacuum is one of the most extensively studied areas since it being the greatest constraint in providing power due to dielectrics that are not able to sustain the voltage the system is operating under. These dielectrics are used in between high voltage electrodes in various pulsed power applications as electrical insulators to limit the electric current while subjected to vacuum. Although, if the dielectric is exposed to a high enough voltage in vacuum, it will become electrically charged. There is a significant push in research and development to optimize surface flashover performance of insulation materials as breakdown can cause damage to the device.


pulsed power, semiconductor inclusions, doping, surface flashover

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Electrical Engineering

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Electrical and Computer Engineering

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