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Spring 4-3-2023


This PhD dissertation proposes novel control strategies to improve the flexibility and reliability of DC nanogrids by utilizing battery-supercapacitor hybrid energy storage systems (HESSs). The dissertation is divided into five sections, each addressing a specific challenge in DC nanogrids and proposing unique control strategies to overcome them. The proposed strategies include an adaptive control system for multiple nanogrids, a distributed power management strategy for a grid-connected DC nano-grid, a model predictive control strategy to improve voltage quality and stability in islanded DC nanogrids, a cloud HESS technology to improve voltage stability in clustered DC nanogrids, and a method of electric vehicle (EV) charging to utilize internal supercapacitors to improve battery lifetime and voltage quality of DC nanogrids. The proposed methods aim to improve power quality, flexibility, and efficiency of DC nanogrids, reduce power fluctuations, and enhance the lifetime of battery energy storage systems


Microgrids, control, energy management, power systems, smart-grids, renewable energies


National Science Foundation EPSCoR Program under Award #OIA-1757207 and ECCS-2214441

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Electrical Engineering

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Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Ali Bidram

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