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Previous work on the breakdown behavior of PMN-PT and TiO2 Lightning Arrester Connectors (LAC) has limited the focus to only a few gasses, pressures and rates of rise of the applied voltage. Through this thesis a more comprehensive look into the breakdown behavior of these LACs and how they respond to varying pressure, different backfill gasses and three different ramp rates will be investigated. This investigation will utilize theoretical tools such as dielectric stimulated arcing, Paschens law on breakdown as a function of pressure and the Townsend condition in order to try and predict how pressure and gas may affect LAC's. It will also develop a set of experiments that will vary pressure, backfill gasses and application rates of rise in order to validate the theoretical work of this thesis and determine what effects these variables may have on PMN-PT and TiO2 LAC's.'


Lightning-arresters--Testing, Breakdown voltage, Rutile.

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