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A circular function transducer is a device whose output is a circular trigonometric (sinusoidal) function of the input to the device. The sinusoidal nature of this class of transducer's output results in identical responses for many admissible inputs. Consequently, an ambiguity exists as to which of the many possible input values produce any particular output value. Even a history of the output from an initial reference input becomes ambiguous once the output completes one cycle of the sinusoid. To be a generally useful instrumentation component, the ambiguity of circular function transducers must be resolved.

Circular function transducers are currently used in several applications, because other transducers are impractical or otherwise not applicable. One of the most widely used circular function transducers is the optical interferometer. The optical interferometer produces intensity changes of light which are circular functions of the optical properties of the paths traveled by the light beams. The outputs of other interferometers, such as the microwave interferometers, are also the circular functions of their inputs.

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