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Summer 7-15-2022


The corona to spark transition is an important part of understanding gaseous breakdown in non-uniform fields. The degree of uniformity in the geometry determines both the onset of corona as well as the eventual spark transition. In a highly non-uniform geometry, the onset of corona precedes the development of a spark. However, in weakly non-uniform fields, corona is unable to form before it transitions into a spark. The degree of non-uniformity at which this transition occurs is known as the corona point.

An experimental setup using the point electrodes allows precise changes in field uniformity, characterizing the corona point in multiple types of geometries. Optical and electrical diagnostics are used to determine the onset of corona as well as spark breakdown to determine the corona point in these geometries. Analysis of various breakdown criteria are used to determine their applicability in non-uniform fields and explaining the corona point.


breakdown, streamer, spark, corona

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Electrical Engineering

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Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Dr. Jane Lehr

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