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Spring 4-30-2022


The focus of the research was to investigate the application of the discrete fractional Fourier transform (DFRFT) in communication systems. We investigated the compactness of the Gauss-Hermite like eigenvectors of the DFRFT and showed how a multi-carrier modulation system could benefit from it. This led to identifying an affine DFRFT. We proved the circular convolution property for the proposed DFRFT. Using this affine transform, we were able to design an orthogonal frequency division multiplexer (OFDM) communication system. In the process of implementing the OFDM, we developed a method for fast computation of the DFRFT using the chirp-z transform. Using the new method, we showed that the inter-carrier interference (ICI) for proposed fractional OFDM is reduced compared to cyclic prefixed OFDM systems. Lastly, we also showed that the Fractional OFDM system mitigates the time-varying Doppler in high mobility wireless networks.


OFDM, DFRFT, High Mobility, Wireless Communications, Time Bandwidth Product

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Electrical Engineering

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Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Ramiro Jordan

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Manel Martinez-Ramon

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Balasubramaniam Santhanam

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Eric Ehrhardt Hamke

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Maria Cristina Pereyra