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Spring 4-15-2019


Study and control of light matter interactions at the nanoscale is an extremely active topic of research as it can create intriguing new opportunities for sensing, optoelectronics, nonlinear optics, and other nanophotonic devices. Various platforms have been investigated to study light-matter interactions at the nanoscale. The most recent explorations in research come from one platform, metasurfaces – planar equivalents of three dimensional metamaterials. Previous studies of strong light matter interaction have been demonstrated on metallic metasurfaces. However, there are little experiments demonstrating strong light-matter interaction in all dielectric metasurfaces. We present a study demonstrating strong light-matter interactions in a hybrid dielectric metasurface comprising of Mie resonators loaded with III-V semiconductor quantum wells. Simulations of our quantum wells verify there are two quantum confined states within our grown quantum wells allowing for an intersubband transition in mid-infrared wavelengths. We characterized this intersubband transition using waveguide measurement techniques. We then used electron beam lithography to fabricate Mie resonators and demonstrated strong polaritonic coupling between the zeroth order Magnetic Mie Mode and the intersubband transition from n=1 to n=2. Or experimental results show Rabi splitting – a signature of strong coupling, of approx.. ~ 10 % which is comparable to metallic metasurface counterparts.


metamaterials, strong-coupling, intersubband transitions, Mie modes, all-dielectric resonators


Sandia National Labs

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Electrical and Computer Engineering

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