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Winter 11-12-2018


Over the last decade, the cost of space access has dramatically decreased with the creation of the CubeSat standard. The CubeSat standard defines the structural requirements for an on-orbit deployer and satellite to be placed into orbit. The average cost of creating a space mission with the CubeSat standard can range from $200 thousand to over $3 million. This lower cost has allowed many Universities, and small businesses to create their own space programs. However, a significant portion of the investment for any new space asset is the development of the ground system to communicate with the satellite. These costs can be further reduced by removing the need to develop a custom communication solution. CloudSat is a scalable IoT architecture designed to grow and adapt to the needs of low-cost small satellite missions by providing a central market of networked ground stations, tools, and resources for communicating with on-orbit assets. The goal of CloudSat is to provide a means of gaining access to space technology to anyone who can benefit.


Internet of Things, Satellite, CubeSat, Ground Station

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Computer Engineering

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Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Dr. Ramiro Jordan

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