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Fall 10-16-2018


A narrow-band, rugged, complementary-split-ring (CSR) slotted waveguide antenna (SWA) with significant size reduction is presented. The antenna is to be vertically front mounted on a land vehicle, with a horizontally polarized fan-beam radiation pattern. The radiation characteristics of a CSR slot in the narrow-wall of a rectangular waveguide are studied for the first time in this work. Both simulation and experimental results show that the complementary-split-ring slot radiates a linearly polarized wave with a total efficiency and gain close to those of conventional longitudinal slots, while the proposed CSR slots have a maximal outer diameter of 0.23λ0, much smaller compared to conventional half-wavelength longitudinal slots. The CSR slotted waveguide antenna provides, approximately, 55% size reduction, with high directivity, low return loss, and very high power handling capability for S-band applications. A set of periodic air-filled corrugations is added to the other narrow-wall of the rectangular waveguide to improve the overall gain of the antenna. Experimental data is presented to further validate simulation results.


high power microwave, split ring, metamaterial, antenna, multipaction, breakdown

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Electrical Engineering

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Electrical and Computer Engineering

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