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The Dickwood Corporation, The Rome Air Development Center

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Electrical Engineering

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Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Arnold Herman Koschmann

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Ahmed Erteza

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James Vernon Lewis


In recent years the sophistication of a variety of control and information processing systems has increased greatly, so that there is at least a superficial similarity between some biological systems and processes and their artificial counterparts. "Adaptive", "self-organizing", and "learning" systems are much in evidence in the technical literature of the past several years.

The major modification involves a feature called "self-evaluation", which is basically a process by which a system determines some of its own properties. This feature seems to be a necessary part of many systems which embody the characteristic of self-alteration. For example, a machine which contains redundant elements and replaces its own defective parts may be self-evaluating in the sense that it discovers its own defects before repairing them.

This report is thus concerned with a system's self-evaluation of its own statistical properties, as opposed to other kinds of properties. The main portion of this report is on a study of self-evaluation; however, in Section VIII, a simple example is given of a way in which the evaluation process can be used to improve the operation of a system.