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Summer 7-15-2018


Explosive field emission cathodes (EEC), used for the generation of relativistic electron beams, require short rise-time high-voltage pulses in order to minimize the extraction of o ff-energy electrons. To this end, a rise-time sharpening circuit has been developed at the Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL). The circuit consists of a 7 nF water-filled peaking capacitor with an integrated self-breakdown switch designed to operate up to -300 kV. This unit is intended to reduce the rise-time of a 4-stage Type-E PFN Marx Generator that will be used to study operational characteristics of velvet cathodes. Simulations of the peaking circuit show a reduction in voltage rise-time from over 100 ns to roughly 20 ns. Experimental results taken at 150 kV load voltage showed a reduction in rise-time from 98 ns to 16 ns. This thesis details the simulation, design, and testing of the peaking circuit.


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Electrical and Computer Engineering

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