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Powering wireless communication devices remotely is necessary when a user of the communication device has limited access to battery power or the resources necessary to constantly replace the batteries. This research is focused on remotely charging a communication device by using the power of the received signals at each antenna to dictate whether the system operates as a data transfer communication system or rectification device. The proposed communication system functions as a rectenna when the difference in power of the received signals is appreciable or as data transfer system when the received power is negligible. The WRCS system is also capable of harvesting energy that impinges the communication system. The size of the wireless communication system is designed based on the physical dimensions of the rectifier, the rectifiers impedance, as well as the operating frequency of the data transfer system. The overall objective is to maximize the power transferred to the system for storage while still being to operate effectively using the corresponding modulation system.'


Wireless power transmission., Wireless communication systems.

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