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This paper describes a device which electronically converts a binary number into its decimal equivalent. Such a device might be of use in digital computers, many of which use the binary number system, and also in similar machines, such as pulse code modulated data collectors.

The binary-to-decimal converter described here was designed specifically for use in Sandia Corporation's High-Speed Digital Recording and Data Handling System, which actually uses the Gray code rather than the binary number system. However, conversion from Gray to binary (see Appendix B) is simple, and a binary-to-decimal converter seems much simpler than a Gray-to-decimal converter.

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STEARNS_FIG_3_10_HALF.jpg (6608 kB)
Fig. 3.10 - Schematic, Binary-to-Decimal Converter, 50% size

STEARNS_FIG_3_10.jpg (18976 kB)
Fig. 3.10 - Schematic, Binary-to-Decimal Converter