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Firas Ayoub

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This Master's thesis focuses on the design of a coherent chaotic oscillator working at a base frequency of 100MHz, and the design of an array of patches operating in the frequency range of 71-76 GHz. The array will be used to transmit the chaotic signal after it is up-converted. The requirements of the coherent chaotic oscillator in terms of delays and linearity are investigated using two simulation software: MATLAB and Advanced Design System (ADS). A general relation between the allowed propagation delay and frequency is devised and the problems in the design and implementation of such an oscillator are discussed. Regarding the antenna, an array of patches is designed to operate at a frequency of 73GHz using both Computer Simulation Technology (CST-MWS) and High Frequency Structure Simulator (HFSS), in addition, two feeding techniques are realized. The first one uses a grounded CPW line, which allows the antenna to be tested using infinity probes and the second one uses a WR-12 rectangular waveguide to feed and test the operability of the antennas. The array is fabricated and tested in the lab to verify the simulated results.


Coherent radar, Nonlinear oscillators, Radar--Antennas.

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Electrical Engineering

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Electrical and Computer Engineering

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