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Laser engagement systems are used for training by many military and security organizations around the world. Advanced laser engagement systems communicate using coded bursts which contain a multitude of information. These bursts must be sampled precisely in order to be correctly decoded. It is important to be able to correctly decode the messages from the laser transmitters when developing a decoder, or even just for verification of correct transmitter operation. Power measurements can be calculated from the sampled waveforms, but require proper sampling rates to ensure accurate power calculations. Calculating power accurately is important when verifying transmitter power, which is often measured to ensure that a transmitter is not operating above safe levels that can cause ocular damage. The aim of this work is to obtain a test setup that will accurately sample the waveforms of the transmitted coded bursts for proper decoding and power measurement calculations. Digitizer selection will be discussed, as well as an analysis of the algorithmic method used for decoding the messages from the bursts.


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