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We report progress in the field of metamaterials and demonstrate a novel resonant coupling between the structural resonance in the permeability of a fishnet and a material resonance in the dielectric spacer layer. The resonances in the permeability and the negative index response exhibit anti-crossing behavior. We simulate this using a simple analytic model, as well as rigorous coupled wave analysis (RCWA). A theoretical model and experimental data are in good agreement and clearly demonstrate hybridization of structural and material resonances. First step in development of possible applications for the metamaterials was done by Driscoll in 2006. We take the next step and present the first theoretical simulations of a slab GRIN positive lens operating in the NIR (~1.55 μm) and based on the fishnet inhomogeneous metamaterial structure. This represents a significant advance toward applications as well as steps forward in design complexity and construction technique. Complex RCWA based, parametric studies and the optimization for the largest achievable phase shift with smallest variation in transmission have been performed. Preliminary experimental results show a successful pattern transferring in the photoresist layer by the use of Imaging Inerferometric Lithography (IIL) tool.

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