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Lupe Romero

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The design of antennas for space-based applications requires that particular attention be paid to various requirements imposed on the design by the space environment. Additional requirements are driven by the platform on which the antenna will be hosted as well as by the intended use of the antenna, i.e., mission requirements. This thesis provides in depth discussion on the various drivers discussed above and their impact on the design. The thesis provides an antenna design example in order to illustrate how the various requirements drive the final design. The proposed antenna design is intended to provide a certain degree of flexibility such that it can be used on various platforms. Although one of our design goals is flexibility of use, we do need to impose some pseudo-requirements on the antenna in order to provide operational boundaries. As such, our design requirements call for a compact, receive-only antenna design operating in the 20 to 200 MHz frequency range. The optimal solution to meet these requirements is an active antenna.

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Electrical Engineering

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Electrical and Computer Engineering

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