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Matthew Areno

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Mobile security is a vast research world with an ever-changing landscape. Researchers develop security solution one day just to see them overcome a week later. Protocols and specifications are generated that attempt to create order out of the chaos and provide a clear roadmap to the future of mobile security. Unfortunately, that road is often filled with switchbacks and U-turns as security measures are defeated and researchers return to the drawing board. Research conducted over the past four years has provided significant information that can help to drastically alter the direction of mobile security and help it leapfrog efforts made by hackers around the world. During this time, an analysis of modern mobile security research was conducted. The research presented also includes research conducted on Physical Unclonable Functions and their impact to the world of mobile security. Finally, a novel mobile security architecture has been developed that can provide stronger authentication, unique encryption of security-critical data, and protection of sensitive information during transit between devices.

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Computer Engineering

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Electrical and Computer Engineering

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