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Innovation-Plaza at the University of New Mexico represents a significant advance in improvement in instruction, higher rates of student retention and graduation, and greater success for students traditionally underserved by engineering programs. Through the employment of improved teaching methods in a key ECE course; dual-credit courses for high school students; and outreach to public schools, industry, government and international organizations, Innovation-Plaza has already improved the prospects for academic and professional success for some students in the ECE program at UNM. Expansion and dissemination of the innovations piloted in this program can serve an important role in improving the prospects for students traditionally underserved by engineering and other higher education STEM programs, change that is essential if the United States is to remain competitive with other nations in science and technology. Given continued attention to the need to build on, replicate and disseminate successful aspects of the Innovation-Plaza program via improved pedagogy in ECE and other STEM courses; outreach to secondary school students, Hispanics, women, foreign students and other populations currently underserved by engineering and other STEM academic programs; and increased collaboration with educational institutions, governments, and industry, it can be expected that the Innovation-Plaza program will continue to experience growth and success in fulfilling its mission to better serve students in engineering and other STEM fields.


Engineering Education, ECE, Innovation Plaza, Learning Styles, Student Success

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