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A high power microwave antenna with true zoom capability was designed and constructed with the use of metal plate lenses. Proof of concept was achieved through experiment as well as simulation. This concept comprises a horn feed antenna and two metal plate lenses. Good agreement was found between experiment and simulation. This antenna provides true zoom capability in the TEM mode with continuously variable diameter pencil beam output and approximately 10% bandwidth. Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) composites were demonstrated through experiment and simulation to have sufficient conductivity to replace metal for the lens elements and would provide a stronger, lighter weight alternative to metal. Such compounds should be considered for lower frequency applications to minimize overall system weight. In addition, the lower conductivity of these materials may help to mitigate possible spurious modes induced by longitudinal electric fields in the near field of the horn feed antenna.


zoom antenna, high power microwave zoom antenna, metal plate lenses, parallel plate waveguide lenses

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