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This thesis investigates solutions required to construct a modern computational infrastructure around the delivery of student degree plans as a web service. The initial system consisted of a data store organized around an SQL relational database. In this thesis, subsequent new architectures are explored that allow student and institutional analytics to be seamlessly integrated into the application. The foundation of these new architectures involve data representation and storage, and several NoSQL options are explored for performing this task. Implementing the data stores with these technologies allowed the data to be stored in its native structure and greatly facilitates extensibility of the data model and the capability for analytics. This thesis describes some of the benefits of using NoSQL data stores in this domain, including increased ease of analyzing and processing data.


NoSQL, cloud deployed, curriculum

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Computer Engineering

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Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Abdallah, Chouki

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Babbitt, Terry

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Lamb, Christopher

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Heileman, Gregory L.