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Over the past few years, several commercial vendors have started providing Personal Health Record (PHR) services. The PHR has been developed to be consumer-centric such that the consumer has all the control and not the health care provider. PHRs can be created, accessed and shared by a patient with authorized persons with the help of Health cloud based services provided by vendors like Microsoft HealthVault and Google Health. However, there is no formalized semantics that encourage users to share their data with prospective research facilities and drug companies. Creating an environment that allows users to manage how their personal health information is used will encourage them to share data that will improve the way healthcare is delivered due to the many advantages of secondary usage of data. This thesis presents a proof of concept with the implementation of an agent based framework that allows users to negotiate and trade medical data by the application of usage management of records and payment schemes.


Medical records--Data processing, Medical informatics, Intelligent agents (Computer software)

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Computer Engineering

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Electrical and Computer Engineering

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