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The increasing number of vehicles on streets nowadays makes it hard to manage traffic flow on the streets, especially in regards to intersection management. Research studies have been conducted to replace the Pre-timed traffic lights at the intersections with adaptive traffic lights control systems that base their timings on the traffic flow. Other studies have suggested the use of autonomous vehicles and traffic systems. This paper proposes the use of dashboard traffic lights, an intelligent adaptive traffic light system based on client-server communication that will send each vehicle a decision message based on the speed and direction of the vehicle. The system can be used for both human controlled vehicles and autonomous vehicles; for autonomous vehicles, the decision will be received by the vehicle system and the system will decide how to pass the intersection based on the received data. This study focuses on vehicles that are controlled by humans, and each vehicle will have its own traffic light module placed on the dashboard. A V2I (Vehicle-to-Intersection) network scheme will be used to send request messages from moving vehicles to the intersection control station that will then analyze the request message and send back a decision message based on the intersection status. This method is predicted to be more proficient than existing methods because there should be a reduced average waiting time with less vehicles stopping at the intersection to pass and more intersection throughput.


Intelligent, Transportation, Dashboard, Traffic light, V2I network, intersection management


The Fulbright Foreign Student Program - Iraq

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