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Arjun Gupta

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The increased popularity of small satellites such as CubeSats as an alternative vehicle for efficient and low cost space exploration has revolutionized the space research industry. The small physical size and other constraints owing to outer space applications has presented a myriad of exciting opportunities for antenna engineers to come up with alternative solutions to meet the ever evolving needs of the CubeSat applications. The advancement of technology has enabled small satellites to carry out sophisticated missions such as space weather monitoring, space telescopes, imaging and relaying of information from distant satellites. Advanced applications require a high speed downlink with base station for data transfer. The focus of the thesis is to design and develop a wide band antenna spanning a frequency spectrum from 2GHz to 13GHz. The design must exhibit circular polarization and drive a gain equal to or more than 10dB with a certain beamwidth. Mechanical attributes of a practical deployment mechanism has to be taken into consideration to make the design robust for autonomous deployment once on orbit.


satellites antennas

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