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The goal of this process was to provide as much knowledge and insight as possible to the city of Portales with the intention that they would use this knowledge and this booklet as a tool to write an RFP that would get them the type of end product they want. While shifting from design issues to RFP issues it quickly became apparent that the RFP written for this project would need to be written better than what the current standard of RFP is in the state. This led me on a search for an RFP suited for this project. I found many advanced RFP around the country in cities that are getting very high levels of work done. A key component of these cities however, was a defined official policy on how their city is looking at projects covered by an RFP in addition to how the city does business as a whole. Therefore this booklet is indeed an attempt to shed light on the important issues that surround the Roosevelt county courthouse and in turn the city of Portales. In addition to this booklet, an RFP will be included that will give its users a clear understanding and direction from which to move forward. Lastly I have assembled a policy agenda that will support the issues set out in this report.

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City of Portales, MainStreet, Roosevelt County Courthouse

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planning, Portales, New Mexico, Roosevelt County, New Mexico, parking, public art, city center, city square

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Architectural Plan


Design Planning Assistance Center, School of Architecture and Planning, University of New Mexico


Albuquerque, NM



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Roosevelt County Courthouse Square Improvements

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