Antibiotic use has increased tremendously and has led to antimicrobial resistance. Because it is a growing problem across healthcare systems around the world, healthcare systems and organizations must combat the detrimental effects of inappropriate use of antibiotics. The development of antibiotic stewardship programs is crucial to providing high quality, safe patient care. The work ofthis project intends to form a basic understanding ofa nurses' role as a member of the antibiotic team. Most healthcare systems have operated by a pharmacy driven antibiotic team concept and have just recently included nurses as a missing component to a full functioning team. Antibiotic stewardship teams need nursing engagement to lead evidence-based nursing practice and culture change to sustain antibiotic stewardship programs. Much like other models driven by nurses for Central Line Associated Blood Stream Infection and Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infection, healthcare professionals now believe nurses can help develop sustainable antibiotic stewardship protocols. Frontline nurses can be the driving force to implement nurse driven protocols because bedside nurses spend the most time with patients and their families. Nurses are often patient educators and advocates for any patient concerns. Nurses are at the forefront of patient care to identify safety concerns involving antibiotic appropriate use.



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