Development Journal of the South (DJS) is an open-access peer-reviewed multidisciplinary journal published by the Nepal Study Center at the University of New Mexico. The journal intends to spur critical debate on issues faced by nations in Asia, Africa, and Latin America, collectively known as the Global South. DJS invites innovative papers grounded on theoretical and empirical work addressing sustainable economic, social and political issues of a nation or subnational units. The Journal emphasizes the integration of quantitative and qualitative information from natural, social and behavioral sciences. Insightful reviews of comparative development between two or more regions, between the North and the South, or between South and South are welcome. The goal of the Journal is to inform development debate from public policy and social welfare perspectives.

Current Issue: Volume 2, Issue 1 (2017)



Challenging Hegemonic Gender Norms through STEM Education in Nepal
Todd Wallenius and Barbara Grossman-Thompson