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From the beginning of time in New Mexico, women have nurtured, guided, influenced and labored for their people, their families, and their communities. Their contributions have been acknowledged, only in recent years, through the unearthing of women's history. The sources of information about women in the early days had to be teased out from diaries, letters, excavations, oral histories, and other non-traditional sources. Inferences had to be derived from hints and clues in the records of men's activities, then assembled like a jigsaw puzzle into a more complete picture. Learning about the roles and contributions of women to the larger society does not replace what is already there. Adding women to the picture enlarges it, expands it, and renders history more inclusive. Scholars of all racial, ethnic, and cultural groups, as well as women, continue to labor to bring us our history in many different fashions. To them we are grateful.

This booklet about the women of New Mexico is not meant to tell the whole story, that would be impossible. What we mean to do here is to whet the reader's curiosity, thus stimulating further reading, study, and inquiry. "Reflections on Women of New Mexico" highlights several women, chosen at random, from historical sources. The sources are listed for your convenience. Copies of documents addressing the inclusion of women on the national stage, The Declaration of Sentiments: Report of the Woman's Rights Convention Held at Seneca Falls, NY, July 19-20, 1848 and, the Presidential Proclamation 1998: Celebrating 150 years of Women's History are included in their complete texts.

The Albuquerque Human Rights Office, local libraries, universities and colleges, and older members of the community are all good sources of information.

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Reflections on Women of New Mexico