Colonial Latin American Historical Review

Second Series, Volume 2, Issue 2 (Spring 2014)

From the Editor's Desk

The Colonial Latin American Historical Review (CLAHR) is honored and pleased to have Dr. Pablo Lacoste serve as guest editor of this important volume on Spanish colonial building materials and architecture in Spanish America. Dr. Lacoste worked with the editorial staff at CLAHR to produce the final edited version of this volume. His selection of authors from different disciplines has produced a cross-section of ideas that have led to a greater understanding of architectural history of the Americas ranging geographically from Chile to California, inclusive of Florida and Argentina. We are pleased with this volume, which focuses on a dialog of styles, terminology, historical significance of structures, and the materials of another age used to construct them. We hope our readers will likewise enjoy this volume and use it as a source that inspires a continued inquiry into the architectural heritage of the Americas. Special thanks to our guest editor, the authors, and the staff of CLAHR.

Joseph P. Sánchez, Ph.D.
Founder and Editor


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