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Spring 5-12-2018


A series of hydrocarbon and aqueous soluble salen-type ligands have been synthesized and characterized by electronic and vibrational spectroscopy. Aqueous soluble salen-type ligands were complexed to a metal and investigated as potential underground fluid flow tracers using Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (SERS) as the analytical technique. Vibrational spectra obtained from SERS was shown to have enhanced the spectral signal for these complexes in low concentrations though did not show significant differences between the free ligands and their metal complexes. This research has shown that, with some structural modifications, salen-type ligands can be effective candidates as subterranean fluid flow tracers when SERS is used as the detection method. Findings also suggest that SERS is a potentially suitable technique for the above ground detection of underground fluid flow tracers, though additional work is needed to improve the specificity of detection of this analytical technique.




salens, surface enhanced raman spectroscopy, sers, subterranean fluid flow monitoring

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Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology

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Richard Kemp

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Terefe Habteyes

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Ramesh Giri

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