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Summer 6-26-2023


This dissertation describes the construction of two high precision magneto-polarimeters for performing Faraday rotation and Magnetic Circular Dichroism (MCD) measurements of polymer thin-films. There is a focus in materials science on the development of thin-film magneto-optically active materials. These materials could allow for the construction of a thin-film optical diode, an important device for next-generation photonic technology. Upon completion of the Faraday rotation spectrometer, two publications were generated from Faraday rotation measurements of novel polymer thin-film materials.

With growing interest by materials scientists in magneto-optically active transition-metal containing materials, an MCD spectrometer was constructed to study these materials. This spectrometer allowed for the characterization of magneto-optic materials through the entire UV-Vis region of the electro-magnetic spectrum. The previous Faraday rotation spectrometer was monochromatic. Kramers-Kronig analysis was used to gather information about the Faraday rotary power of magneto-optical materials from measured MCD spectra. Porphyrin transition metal complexes demonstrated themselves to be ideal candidates to generate magneto-optical activity. A series of porphyrin complexes were synthesized and characterized using MCD spectroscopy. Relationships between the metal center and ring substituents of the porphyrins and their resulting MCD response is analyzed herein.



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Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology

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Prof. Jeffrey Rack

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