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Conventional practices and inefficiencies in accessing relevant operation and maintenance (O&M) information are major issues to maintain facilities for their intended purpose. The need to have access to accurate information efficiently is critical to operate and maintain a facility. Building Information Models are databases able to store, organize and exchange structured information. Their use has proven to be successful in the design and construction phase. However, the benefits have not transcended to the O&M phase. Reluctance to process change, lack of knowledge and lack of documented metrics has prevented owners from adopting BIM to support the O&M phase. The purpose of this research is to determine the perceived value by owners of using BIM for facilities O&M. This research surveyed 125 facilities operations personnel to determine their perception on future use, time savings and benefits of using BIM for facilities O&M. The research reviewed related literature that included books, peer reviewed journal articles, case studies, web-seminars and manuals. The interviews were conducted with five experts in operating and maintaining facilities. Based on this information, an online survey was developed and distributed to facilities operations personnel. The survey included a video that demonstrated the future use of BIM for facilities O&M. This research indicated that more than two thirds of the respondents would use BIM frequently to access O&M information, the work order process work flow can be reduced by twenty five percent and the response time to unscheduled work orders can be reduced by using BIM. Most respondents perceived improved accessibility to O&M information is the best benefit of using BIM for O&M.


Building Information Modeling, Facilities Management, Operations and Maintenance, BIM, Work Orders

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