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The relation and practical uses of graphics in construction management is a study area in which little work, with the exception of the critical path method, has been done. As the subject was begun, it was discovered there was little specific written material on the graphs themselves; therefore, a considerable portion of the thesis was devoted to basic graphics in order to make the discussion relative to construction more meaningful. Chapters I through VII cover the subject of basic graphics. The basic graphics portion was considered essential to the study in order to allow practical use of the work by a contract manager without having to research the field of basic graphics. The section was compiled using a combination of the fragmented information available and the author's experience to place before the contract manager a complete picture of the technique of using graphs. Information in the basic graphics portion covers the main types of graphs which are of most use in construction management, as well as materials and techniques for the physical construction of the charts. Chapter VIII, "Decision-Making Using Charts", was developed because each chart should have a purpose, and if the purpose of the chart is to enable the manager to make a decision, the relationship between making the decision and charting should be developed. Chapter IX covers, broadly, areas of construction management to which graphics could be applied. Specific contracts are not covered in this chapter, mainly because the only graphical area which could relate to a specific contract is the portion covered in Section IX-E, "The Contract Schedule". This broad coverage, coupled with the basic graphics portion of the work, is sufficient to allow the manager to select the method which best performs the management requirements for that particular item. The broad coverage of the construction management sections is designed to give the manager greater flexibility in application of the techniques. Section IX-D uses a specific item of equipment to demonstrate a method of evaluating the option of renting or owning equipment. Finally Chapter X covers other uses of the graphical material which is developed for the purpose of managing construction. It covers display techniques as well as methods for converting management graphs to presentation graphs. The entire work is designed with the following purposes:

1. To give the construction manager a background in basic graphics.

2. To indicate practical areas in construction management where graphics may be applied.

3. To show how to apply graphics to those areas.

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