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Summer 8-1-2023


The collection and processing of paper tickets for construction material delivery is an inefficient and antiquated practice that exposes inspectors on highway paving projects to substantial safety risks. An alternative to the collection of paper tickets is e-Ticketing, which uses web-based systems to deliver similar information. This research documented a current paper ticketing process and compared it to an e-Ticketing process that was implemented on several pilot projects. Data were obtained using stakeholder meetings, personnel interviews, and surveys. When compared to a paper ticketing system, e-Ticketing was shown to have fewer opportunities for error, require fewer decision points, and provide significant time savings, demonstrating a higher level of efficiency. Challenges of e-Ticketing included lack of internet connectivity in rural areas, missing data, and the need for quality control processes specific to e-Ticketing.


E-Ticketing, Paper Delivery Ticket, Performance Evaluation, Asphalt Delivery Ticket, Efficiency, New Mexico Department of Transportation

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Civil Engineering

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Civil Engineering

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Susan Bogus Halter

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