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This investigation brings together in one volume information concerning subsurface conditions below, and foundation design data for, various structures in the Rio Grande Inner Valley and on the East Mesa. This information was collected from the engineering and architectural firms responsible for the design of the structures. Results of the analysis of the subsurface information are presented in the form of penetration graphs and plasticity charts. In addition, soil profiles and penetration profiles are pre­sented for the Inner Valley structures.

A summary of foundation design data for each struc­ture includes type of foundation, depth of the base of the foundation below the surface, material in which the foun­dation is seated, minimum average standard penetration value below the base of the foundation, allowable bearing pressure, location and thickness of the clay layer in the Inner Valley, location of the water table, type of sampler used to deter­mine penetration resistance values, type of analysis used in the determination of the allowable bearing pressure, tests performed on recovered soil samples, Atterberg Limit values, compression and liquidity indexes, and the average penetra­tion resistance in the clay layer for Inner Valley structures. The data contained in this summary may be used for preliminary design of future structures. However, adequate subsurface investigation should be made at the structure site before the final design is made in order to verify preliminary design data.

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