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Spring 4-16-2018


As sustainable construction becomes a standard necessity in the construction industry, construction engineering and management programs seek to integrate sustainable construction concepts and skills into their degree programs. The aim of this research is to identify industry-required competencies and recognize the possible gaps between industry skills demands and the education provided by academia for sustainable construction technologist jobs. In this study, industry requirements for sustainable construction technologist (mid-level) positions were identified through the analysis of job advertisements, literature review, job analysis (i.e., Developing a Curriculum-DACUM- process), and surveys. Results from the DACUM process provided a categorization of 4 main duties and 60 tasks for the job description of sustainable construction technologist. Identified tasks were verified by conducting a survey asking about the importance level of each task and how they could be learned better (either in the job position or in a college course). Thirteen professionals working in industry participated in the survey. An in-depth review of Community College curricula was performed to compare the different programs and determine potential gaps between industry requirements and academia-offered skills. The most critical gaps identified include maintaining standard green specifications, preparing green materials lists, and researching green certifications. The identified gaps and requirements could provide educational programs with essential knowledge about industry expectations for sustainable construction technologists while they develop and implement sustainable construction curricula. The results of this study are applicable for academia to provide students with the most recent industry-required knowledge in order for students to quickly transition to the industry after graduation.


Gap Analysis, Sustainable construction technology, Community Colleges, DACUM



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