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Spring 5-12-2018



This thesis studies the vibration of structures caused by machinery. Machines exhibit unique vibrational characteristics. This thesis focuses on detection of these unique vibrational characteristics through the study of structural vibration caused by machines. The study extends from simple laboratory structures to a real existing building called the Ford Utility Building. The vibrational readings on the roof of the Ford Utility Building are studied to capture signals that can be attributed to machines running inside the building. This thesis supports the research in remote detection and identification of concealed machinery through SAR vibrometry.

A study of human perception of vibration is included. Human beings have very efficient sensory organs that detect external stimuli. Also, humans have very good ability to recognize patterns. As a mechanical sensor, human senses can detect vibration and may also be able to quantitatively estimate vibration. Several experiments have been conducted to explore the level of perception of vibration through the human senses.


Structural vibration, Human perception of vibration

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Civil Engineering

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Civil Engineering

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Dr. Walter Gerstle

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Dr. Majeed Hayat

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Dr. Fernando Moreu