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Spring 3-31-2017


Recently international concern about nuclear proliferation has rapidly increased. Some governmental agencies have an interest in remotely detecting and recognizing concealed machinery within buildings to detect any anomalous activity occurring inside the building.

The vibration studies of the roof and the exhaust structures of an existing utility building, the Ford Utility Center at the University of New Mexico and a simplified laboratory structure representing an industrial building, called the doghouse are presented in this thesis. The vibration studies presented allow the reader to understand to what extent it is possible to identify machines concealed within a building.

To identify machines concealed within a complex building like the Ford Utility Center, we preferred first to better understand the vibration of a simplified structure due to concealed machinery. Thus, in this thesis, we first study the vibration of the doghouse, and then study the vibration of the Ford Utility Center.

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Civil Engineering

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Civil Engineering

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Dr. Walter Gerstle

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Dr. Fernando Moreu

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Dr. Majeed Hayat