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Fall 11-28-2016


Continuum mechanics models are the main tool in structural analysis. Due to

their continuity assumption, some of them do not predict accurately the behavior of

concrete structures. While these models are widely used by design engineers, many

are flawed for fundamental reasons.

The State-Based Peridynamic Lattice Model (SPLM) is presented in this thesis

as a viable alternative to continuum models. The SPLM is shown to have a simple

formulation that allows the engineer to fully understand the underlying theory. The

elastic, plastic and damage SPLM models are presented. Moreover, SPLM is shown

to be capable of modelling essential mechanisms in concrete structures.

SPLM is run on massive parallel computers, since it requires large computational

power. In this thesis, a new parallel implementation is presented, and a study

of the performance of the original and the new system is presented.


Structural Engineering, Peridynamics, Computational Mechanics, High Performance Computing, Concrete analysis

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Civil Engineering

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Civil Engineering

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Dr. Walter Gerstle

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Dr. Mahmoud Reda taha

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Dr. Susan Atlas

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Dr. Patrick Bridges