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Summer 7-14-2022


Open-source laboratory equipment has become an increasingly popular alternative to commercially available options due to its simple implementation, capability of user-customized modifications, and cost-effectiveness. Presented here is the development of a programmable and open-source fluidic system comprised of three custom-built syringe pumps for cell culture applications. The fluidic system was directly integrated with a multiwell plate on an environmentally controlled microscope platform for live-cell imaging and time-lapse analyses of cellular responses as culture conditions are adjusted using the programmable fluidic system. Proof-of-concept of this system is obtained by controlling autophagic activity in A549 cells by adjustment of nutrient supply. The programmability of this fluidic system allows for straightforward, low-cost implementation of feedback control methods in cell culture systems. These results will enable future research on understanding cell responses to time-dependent modulation of culture conditions or dosing with multiple pharmaceutical reagents.

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Biomedical Engineering

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Biomedical Engineering

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Dr. Andrew P. Shreve

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Dr. Eva Chi

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Dr. Nick Carroll