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Dr. Nancy López, professor of sociology at UNM and director of the Institute for the Study of “Race” and Social Justice, explains the role of complex inequality in fueling social unrest. Complex inequality is rooted in decades of disparities towards minorities, particularly Blacks, Latinx, people of color and Native American communities. López outlines how invisible, deeply embedded injustices are common practice in the United States citing research that shows there are compounding challenges facing marginalized communities. These hurdles are multifaceted and cannot be distilled down to single data points. Recognizing the experience of marginality is layered and must be viewed through a lens that captures multiple oppressions and measurements (i.e. race, gender and class) instead of singular data points (i.e. race-alone or class-alone). This article is part of the Racism: An Educational Series produced by the UNM Newsroom.


This article was archived in 3/31/2021.