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Dr. Belinda Deenen Wallace, Assistant Professor at the University of New Mexico, presents, “Seeing Africa in Afrofuturism: Hippolyta, Naming, and Lovecraft Country.” Her lecture explores the role of Hippolyta as an anti-racist/anti-imperialist/anti-colonialist superhero who, through the process of naming, unleashes her superpower and contests institutional racism that seeks to define Black bodies as threatening and unbelonging. Integral to Dr. Wallace’s discussion is an examination of Black women and their use of naming as a means to claim, validate, and internalize ancestral ways of knowing, thus positioning naming as a powerful site of knowledge, love, and action. This lecture is part of the New Mexico Black Leadership Councils celebration of Black History known as DECADES: Past, Present, and Future. The discussion is introduced by Shawna Brown, President of the New Mexico Black Leadership Council and moderated by Dr. Finnie Coleman, Associate Professor of American Literary Studies and Faculty Senate President, University of New Mexico.


Archived 4/9/2021