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The purpose of the study was to identify factors that influenced health promotion behaviors in Latino/Hispanic mens health, including their experiences and health concerns. Acculturation, emerging adulthood and health were the three key ecological variables used in the study. The sample consisted of 16 Latino/Hispanic young men who were students at a Hispanic-serving university in the Southwestern United States. The study consisted of two data collection sessions. Session one consisted of a semi-structured individual interview and completion of a demographic questionnaire, two acculturation scales, a health promoting lifestyle scale, and visual analog scales for overall health perceptions and quality of life. Session two consisted of a single focus group interview in which participants were asked to clarify and amplify provisional findings from the individual interviews. The majority (56.3%) of the young men self-identified as Mexican and 18.8% self-identified as Mexican American ethnicity. The Short Acculturation Scale for Hispanics (SASH) and Acculturation Rating Scale for Mexican Americans-II (ARSMA-II) categorized approximately one quarter to one fifth of participants as acculturated or strongly Anglo oriented. Overall, the SASH showed stronger correlation with health promotion measures than the ARMSA II. The qualitative results indicated that participants struggled with issues of relationships, work and love. Any future work with young Latino/Hispanic men must take into consideration how ethnicity influences health promotion choices. In addition, any health promotion intervention must engage the Latino/Hispanic family and community. Participants also believed that any health promotion program must use the internet to deliver a culturally competent message.


"Latino, Young Men, Health Beliefs, Emerging Adulthood, Acculturation"

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