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Transport of membrane-bound organelles is critical to neuronal cell function yet mechanisms hitching vesicles to transport machinery remain elusive. Here we test whether jun-kinase interacting protein (JIP-1), a peripheral membrane scaffolding protein that binds kinesin light chain, is sufficient to mediate cargo transport in axons and study its competition with amyloid precursor protein cytoplasmic domain (APP-) and negative charge, also known motor receptors. Fluorescent beads (100 nm diameter) exhibit sequence-specific fast anterograde transport (0.46μm/s instantaneous velocity) in the squid giant axon when conjugated to a 14- amino acid synthetic peptide derived from the carboxyl terminus of JIP-1. JIP-1- beads have statistically significant faster velocities, longer run lengths, and fewer pauses of shorter durations than APP-C or negatively charged beads by cumulative probability analyses of thousands of motile beads compared by a nonparametric K-S test, with a P=0.004. In competition experiments negatively charged beads gradually cease moving when co-injected with either APP-C or JIP-1 beads, which sustain 90% motility. Co-injection of APP-C and JIP-1 beads decreases each bead's propensity to move initially. At later time points JIP-1-beads recover frequency without further decreasing APP-C moves, suggesting JIP-1 recruits motors from a cryptic pool not accessible to APP-C. Soluble JIP-1 peptide inhibits JIP-1 beads, with smaller effects on APP-C and negatively charged beads. Thus the hierarchy for recruitment of transport machinery is JIP>APP>negative charge. Organelle transport may in part be regulated through the numbers, types and affinities of motor receptors displayed on each organelle's cytoplasmic surface.


"Axonal Transport, JIP-1, APP-C"



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