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Spring 4-23-2019


To become activated and perform effector functions, naive T cells move within lymph nodes to scan dendritic cells presenting antigen. Previous work has shown naive T cell activation is promoted by interleukin 7 in vivo, and it does so by regulating the T cell:dendritic cell interaction. Our work identifies a novel role for IL-7 in mediating naive T cell motility in the lymph node and promoting T cell association with DCs. Additionally, we have developed a method for analyzing microscopy images, regionalized normalized mutual information, to assess intercellular associations between T cells and other cells within the lymph node. Dendritic cells and stromal cells are thought to be positioned optimally within the T cell zone of the lymph node to increase the probability of T cells interacting with dendritic cells. We find that T cells are less associated with dendritic cells and more associated with stromal cells in the lymph node. Our data demonstrate a new function of IL-7 in naive T cells and quantify the relationship between naive T cell positioning relative to localization of stromal cells, dendritic cells, and blood vessels.


T cell motility, immunology, cell motion, intracellular signaling

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Biomedical Sciences

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Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program

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Judy L. Cannon

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