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Fall 5-13-2017


The phosphodiester backbone of DNA is maintained by DNA ligases. In human cells, there are three genes that encode DNA ligase polypeptides with distinct but overlapping functions. A series of small molecule inhibitors of human DNA ligases were previously identified using a rational structure-based approach. Three of these inhibitors, L82, a DNA ligase I selective inhibitor, and L67, an inhibitor of DNA ligases I and III, and L189, an inhibitor of all three human DNA ligases, have related structures. Here I present and characterize L82-G17 a next-generation ligase I specific inhibitor. L82-G17 is a potent ligase I uncompetitive inhibitor that is shown to act both biochemically and in cell culture models. Furthermore, the binding site for L82 and L82-G17 has been identified via molecular modeling, and verified through mutagenesis.


DNA Ligase, Molecular Modeling, Dissertation, Inhibitor, DNA Repair

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Biomedical Sciences

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Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program

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Alan Tomkinson

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Mary Ann Osley

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