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The purpose of this study was to determine the composition of the flora around Mount Sedgwick in the Zuni Mountains, Valencia County, New Mexico. More than 1100 specimens were collected during the spring and summer of 1968 and 1969. These specimens were identified to species or lower taxa, and a total of 353 species in 61 families were represented. The limitations of altitude, and the presence of permanent moisture largely determined the composition of the flora in the various study areas. Habitats studied included a steep dry canyon, ponderosa pine forest, two springs and meadows, a permanent pond and stream, a dense Douglas-fir area, and a lava-flow. Ponderosa pine in the Transition zone, is the dominant tree seen in the Mount Sedgwick area. Douglas-fir, limber pine, and aspen occur on cooler, moister sites, largely on north-facing slopes. White fir was never seen in the area. A key to the flora and a species checklist were composed as an aid to the identification of the plants in the Mount Sedgwick vicinity.



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